OUT OF FOCUS moments

OUT OF FOCUS moments is a continuous photopoetic search.

A quest for the ultimate capture of the moment or emotion in photography or writings.

Rather this - in all its imperfection - than freezing the moment for eternity without emotion.

For each category I look for the particular way of photography that fits the theme.

I guess each emotion or theme needs it's own way of expression.

In my photography and search for my personal signature, my focus is on this: expression.

And no: it doesn't always have to be IN focus.

Sometimes OUT of focus I get a clearer view of the moment I try to capture.


OUT OF FOCUS portfolio

Why shoot low, if you can aim high? Since photography crosses borders anyway, 

I choose to present OUT OF FOCUS globally.

If you are interested in my work for commercial purposes or for being part in an exhibition or gallery:

I would be honored. The whole reason for this website is to have my work on a wall.

Click here to download my portfolio as a summary of my work --->  PORTFOLIO


OUT OF FOCUS products

All the photos on my website are available for sale

The photos are printed on acrylic glass (4mm) with dibond background. 

Ready to hang. And signatured, of course

Price is $1.200/m2 so choose your own size. 

The size of your desire (or wallet) will decide the size of the wall art.

Standard wall art starts from 40 x 40 cm for $195,- and goes up to pieces as big as 180 x 120 for $2.500,-

Just contact me for your personal choice and wishes.

Shipping worldwide.


OUT OF FOCUS services

OUT OF FOCUS moments is a company-on-occasion. 

On request I accept assignments for photo shoots,

and already offer my services to clients on a regular base. 

If you are interested you can contact me by using the form below.



What started out as a new angle towards photography (at least for this guy),

amplified with the add of the right caption next to the right photo.

The story I felt behind the scene I captured and want to share with you.

This opened a new path: the world of writing. So far they can co-exist in harmony. 

Once in a while just check underneath "short exposure" for temporary work and poetry.


OUT OF FOCUS contact


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